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Door Installation

Door Installation

If windows are the eyes of a home, entry doors are its soul, personality and smile. Most doors are standard sizes, but are unique because of the many styles and colors available! We can help you choose the perfect door so that your home can show its true beauty and personality.

The highly skilled professional installers at Desire Windows and Doors are factory trained, certified and approved to sell and install great, energy efficient products with a variety of exclusive features! Between the glass blinds and shades, and roll screens are just a couple of great examples.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old drafty worn out door, or install a new patio door for access to an outdoor space, we are the right people for the job!

All of the doors that we install carry their full factory warranty and are among the best in the industry! We always stand behind our work!

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As a Reminder, if your home was built before 1978, old lead paint on your walls, doors, windows, and sills maybe be hazardous to you and your family. All of our installers have completed the EPA Lead Safe Certification Program.


Pre-made Skins

Here you can see the pre-made skins for Vertikal. Vertikal is a true high quality and clean multi-purpose theme which will fit for any business and websites.

Please take a look at these demos. We believe Vertikal will suit for you and you will love it as much as we do...